Important information for passengers


Dear passengers!

First of all, we want to apologize for the inconvenience you encountered.
Due to the systematic non-fulfillment by the tour operator "OASIS" of its financial obligations during the last two years and the increase of financial debts to the airline, which as of 27.06 reached 25 million UAH, resulted in the forced cancellation of flights, as a result of which the schedule of all flights of our airline changed.
At the moment, we are doing everything we can to resolve the schedule and make all planned flights within the shortest possible time.
Taking into account the fact that the Ukrainian tourists were hostage to the situation caused by at least the unscrupulous actions of the tour operator, the management of the Bravo A / S, after consulting with the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy, It was decided to start 5 humanitarian flights on 02.06.18 (3 flights to Kiev, 2 flights to Lviv) at the expense of the airline in order to ensure the delivery of about 850 passengers who suffered from the actions of the tour operator in Ukraine. We will inform you that the detailed timetable of flights will be published by us in the near future after the coordination of all necessary procedural issues related to the provision of flights.
We will post the current schedules of flights on the site and on your Facebook page, please follow the updates.